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The Fisheries Governance Tool (FGT) was developed based upon a thorough review of existing evaluation and assessment schemes and builds upon many that are currently available, such as those used for certification to inform markets and indices that measure fishery performance. It is designed upon the premise that the most comprehensive and revealing measure of performance can be found at the intersection of three components: 1) the laws and policies governing fisheries, 2) the capacity to implement those policies, and 3) the function and performance of the fisheries themselves.

The FGT puts power in the hands of managing agencies, environmental organizations, funders/investors, and other key stakeholders. With the tool, multiple users can track progress against clear measures over time and identify gaps and other challenges that impede continued improvement. Importantly, the FGT allows stakeholders to identify the objectives set in their country’s own policy and management plans and track progress in relation to those, rather than against an external standard that may not be relevant or that their country may never be able to meet.

MRAG Americas led the development of this work and engaged in a peer review workshop and subsequent user review of the tool to ensure sound theory, approach and application. This work was made possible with support from the Walton Family Foundation.

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ProsperSpark developed the FGT Excel tool. ProsperSpark is passionate about automating processes and making people’s lives easier. We provide top-notch consulting on all things Excel. We also provide professional consulting for business analysis, management consulting, process improvement, Airtable development, and process automation (like Zapier).